Why Wine?

Why wine, you ask? Well, it wasn’t always my first choice. When I turned 21, taking a sip of wine made my taste buds quiver, especially red wine. My parents were wine drinkers, so I thought naturally I would just love wine. That was not the case and I was bummed! I loved the idea of drinking a glass of wine. It felt so mature and fancy. When I moved out on my own, I was bound and determined to become a lover of all things wine.

I started with riesling, but it was still a bit too strong for me, so I added a splash of St. Germain to make it a bit sweeter and easier to drink. That lasted about a month before the sweetness was too sweet. I finally felt brave enough to try red wine, I somehow found it easier to drink cabernet sauvignon. I have tried different reds over the years, and cab is always the winner! I have yet to have a glass that I didn’t like.

I definitely drink more red than white, but on a hot summer day, I find myself leaning more towards a glass of white. I can’t do riesling anymore, as it is too sweet. My preferred white is sauvignon blanc. I’m also a fan of rosé, especially when I’m feeling sassy.

About two years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of wine clubs. My personal favorite is Winc. When you sign up, you take a quiz so they can figure out the best wines to offer you. As you order, you can rate the bottles of wine you have tried which will help adjust the wines they offer you. Your box is continuously changing and they always have so many varieties of wines for all wine lovers!

Other perks are that you can skip a monthly shipment as many times as you need. You have to order at least 3 bottles, but if you order 4 bottles you get free shipping! The quality of the wine is really great, and I’m a pretty picky wine drinker. When buying at the store, I have a hard time spending less that $15, so Winc definitely helps save me money.

Another great winery that is out in the D.C. area, is Paradise Springs Winery. The winery has two locations, one in Clifton, VA and one in Santa Barbara, CA. Joining the wine club has a lot of benefits. My personal favorite is the complimentary wine tasting any time I visit the winery for myself and 3 other friends. If you are visiting the D.C. area, I highly recommend taking a trip to Paradise Springs Winery for some great wine and a relaxing atmosphere!

If you are up for trying one of my personal favorites, click on any of the links above to see my personal favorite bottles. Now it’s time to pop open a bottle and relax for the evening. To all my fellow wine lovers, cheers!

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